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They are not only bizzarre, strange and creepy; they are also entertaining and great to watch.
I'm talking about Horror Movie Shorts.
I've become quite fond of the Horror Shorts
So much so, that I've given them their own section.
Here you will find a list of Horror Shorts, a brief description of each and my personal rating.
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My Top Ten Picks for
Must See Awesome Horror Shorts


13 minutes
Clara, a social worker uncovers a dark secret while trying to help a child she believes is suffering from domestic abuse, but no one – including Clara - is who they appear to be.

9. Faeries of Blackheath Woods

5 minutes
Something peculiar happened that day. Curious Melissa was enchanted by some real Faeries. Ignoring her Mother she followed them down into Blackheath Woods... Melissa never came back.

8. Venom

10 minutes
A dark tale about an elderly widow, Angela Gannon, who many years ago lost her beloved husband in a war and her cat to a bee sting. Vowing to protect her new cat at all costs Angela has waged war on the world of insects. But when you’ve lost everything, be careful who you blame.

7. Red Harvest

22 minutes
Three drug dealers find themselves on the wrong country road at the wrong time in Hoosier filmmaker Dylan Griffith's entry into the genre.

6. Moquina

16 minutes
A young woman’s sexual awakening is interrupted by a disturbing alien implant.

5. Mr. Bubbs

7 minutes
A stranger picks the wrong girl to kidnap one bright, sunny day in suburbia.

4. Hollow

10 minutes
Culver, Indiana native Paul Bickel presents a disturbing journey through one boy’s pathology in Hollow, a story of a broken family and lost innocence.

3. Chingaso

16 Minutes
One angry clown out to avenge the murder of his parents and bring an end to the decades-long war between mimes and clowns

2. Corpus Interuptus

10 minutes
Jason’s got blood on his hands – and people keep interrupting him as he tries to clean it off.

1. Mime Massacre

6 minutes
one man's lifelong mission for vengeance on all mimes that leads him to where the story begins, the mother of all mime gatherings, the Mime Workshop. Penetrating the mime lair, the Mad Man's years of both hatred and unwitting respect for the craft of mime, culminate in explosive mayhem. The Mad Man uses the one method the mimes are powerless against, the dark side of mime. The root of the Man's madness is revealed through a shocking faded memory from his childhood, of a disturbing encounter with a mime. This memory was the catalyst for the creation of a monster with a human soul. The "Mime Massacre" leaves us with a highly debated question, just how powerful is the untapped human brain?... Or was it all just bullshit?

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