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Subspecies Movie Series

Subspecies is an American, direct to video, horror film series produced by Full Moon Studio. The series ran from 1991 to 1998, and followed the exploits of vampire Radu Vladislas, portrayed continually by Anders Hove, and his efforts to turn Michelle Morgan into his fledgling. A spin-off film was released in 1997, which featured characters that would go on to appear in the final installment of the film series. Ted Nicolaou directed each of the five films, which included the spin-off; he also wrote the scripts for the sequels and spin-off. The series was shot on location in Romania, utilizing stop motion techniques to achieve the look the director wanted for the series' subspecies creatures.



Subspecies (1991) follows three college students, Mara, Michelle, and Lillian, as they begin a study on Romanian culture and superstition in the small town Prejnar. They are befriended by Stefan, a student studying nocturnal animals. It is revealed that the nearby Castle Vladislas has been caught in a power struggle between vampire brothers Stefan and Radu. Centuries prior, King Vladislas was seduced by a sorceress; that sorceress gave birth to Radu. After banishing Radu's mother, the king met a mortal woman. She gave birth to Stefan, who prefers to live in the open, and loathes his vampire heritage. Radu slays his own father to take control of the Bloodstone, a relic which is said to drip the blood of the saints. Radu discovers his brother's fondness for the girls and succeeds in turning two of the three into vampires. Stefan, having fallen in love with Michelle, helps try and free Mara and Lillian from Radu's control. Stefan drives a stake through Radu's heart and severs his head with a sword. Unfortunately, Michelle was bitten and infected during the fighting, and the only way to save her is if Stefan turns her with his own bite. As Stefan and Michelle sleep, Radu's minions set about resurrecting their master.

Bloodstone: Subspecies II

Bloodstone: Subspecies II (1993) picks up directly after the events of the first film, with Radu's minions, the Subspecies, reattaching Radu's head and removing the stake from his heart. Radu find Stefan and Michelle sleeping, and immediately kills Stefan. The rising Sun forces Radu to seek refuge; Michelle wakes at sunset and finds Stefan dead in his coffin, with the Bloodstone still in his hands. Michelle flees the castle with the Bloodstone, hoping to contact her sister, Becky, for help. Radu, with the help of his mother, "Mummy", he sets out to find Michelle and the Bloodstone. Becky arrives in Romania, and, with the help of Lieutenant Marin and US Embassy Agent Mel, attempts to find her sister. Michelle, who has been fighting her craving for blood, is captured by Radu. Becky is captured and given to Michelle as a way for Michelle to shed her mortal ties. Instead of killing her sister, Michelle stabs Radu in the face with an enchanted dagger, and sets fire to Radu's mother, who flees the room in flames. Becky and Michelle attempt to escape the catacomb, but Michelle is halted by the coming sunrise. Becky promises to return that evening, but as Michelle descends back into the tomb she is grabbed by Radu's mother and carried off.

Bloodlust: Subspecies III

Picking up where Subspecies II leaves off, Bloodlust: Subspecies III (1994) finds Michelle deep in the catacombs with Radu's mother, who is attempting to bring her son back from the dead, which she does with Michelle's blood and the enchanted dagger that killed him; Radu, his mother, and Michelle return to Castle Vladislas. Michelle promises to obey Radu if he teaches her everything that he knows. Radu takes Michelle out hunting so she can enhance her powers, while Mel contacts a former operative of the CIA for help. While trying to rescue Michelle, Radu's mother quickly kills Mel's CIA friend, and knocks Mel unconscious. In an effort to get Michelle to stay with him forever, Radu kills his mother for her. Becky arrives to save Michelle, but before everyone—who includes Mel and a girl who was kidnapped by Michelle and Radu—leaves, Michelle takes a gun, containing silver bullets, from Becky and shoots Radu. The rising sun slows Michelle, so she is placed inside a body bag that was brought along; the delay allows Radu time to catch up to the group. Wanting the Bloodstone, which was taken by Michelle, Radu attempts to barter the group's lives in exchange for it. Becky throws it over the roof's edge, and when Radu attempts to follow it he is engulfed in the rays of the Sun. Radu's body bursts into flames and falls from the castle wall. Becky and the group make it to their car and drive off. Radu's burning corpse is left smoldering on the tree branches that it staked itself on, with his burning flesh dropping to the ground; the flames go out and the flesh begin to morph into new Subspecies.

Vampire Journals

Vampire Journals (1997) is a spin-off of the Subspecies film series, featuring the vampire Ash. Vampire Journals follows Zachary, a vampire with a conscience, who hunts the vampire bloodline that condemned him to an eternity away from "the sun's warmth". After witnessing the love of his life get turned into a vampire, something he never wanted for her, Zachary destroys both her, and his master, and former protégé of Ash, Serena. Zachary, armed with the sword of a great vampire slayer called Laertes, seeks out the rest of Serena's bloodline to eradicate them. Zachary travels to Bucharest to find Ash. Zachary uses Ash's penchant for music and women to bait him out into the open for attack. Ash sets his sights on pianist Sofia, but is thwarted by Zachary during his first attempt to take Sofia. Ash does not give up, and hires Sofia for his nightclub. Over the next few nights drains her of blood, so that he may turn her into a new apprentice. While Ash is busy preparing to sire Sofia, he gives his daytime consult Iris the key to Zachary's room, so that she may dispose of his sleeping body in the sunlight. Jealous over Sofia, Iris releases Zachary instead. Zachary arrives a moment too late, as Ash has already spilled his blood into Sofia's mouth. Fighting off a weakened Ash, Zachary and Sofia escape from the nightclub. Ash follows them, but the rising sun becomes a problem. Zachary manages to get back the sword of Laertes and kill Ash, whose body falls into the Sun's rays.

Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm

Like the previous two sequels, Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm (1998) begins with Radu's animated limbs grasping the Bloodstone and supplying his mouth with a few drops of Saint's blood. With some renewed strength, Radu manages to find refuge in his crypt. A car accident takes the lives of everyone but Michelle, who is discovered by a stranger named Ana. Upon seeing Michelle's reaction to the sunlight, Ana takes her body to her former professor, Dr. Nicolescu, who quickly determines that Michelle is a vampire. When Michelle wakes, Dr. Nicolescu promises to cure her of her vampirism. With his strength restored, Radu travels to Bucharest to claim the financial wealth one of his previous "fledglings", Ash, has acquired in the Vladislas name. Radu enlists Ash's help to track down Michelle, while Ash's own fledgling, Serena, attempts to play Radu and Ash against each other. Radu discovers Michelle's location, and Dr. Nicolescu agrees to give Radu what he wants in exchange for three drops of blood from the Bloodstone. Radu agrees, but it was only a trick to allow Dr. Nicolescu the opportunity to capture and stake Radu. Michelle arrives, releases Radu, and the two flee to safety. Serena arrives immediately after and gives Ana a key to the Vladislas crypt, where Radu is, with instructions to kill Radu. Ana and Dr. Nicolescu arrive at the tomb, but Radu awakens and kills Nicolescu. Radu turns his attention to Ana, but Michelle slices his throat, allowing Ana enough time to decapitate Radu. They burn his body and take the Bloodstone. Ash and Serena are waiting at the opening of the crypt, but a caretaker, hearing Ana's screams, opens the crypt and spills sunlight inside. Michelle is hidden in a coffin and transported out of the cemetery, while Radu....

Subspecies IV

There has been much talk of making this movie. This movie is planned to cover much back history on Radu and his family. Should be an interesting, dyfuncational family at its best. *smiles* When this movie is released, I will post more.

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